Archontakis Georgios

Sunday, 04 May 2014

Georgios Archontakis, President


He was born in Nikea Piraeus from parents coming from Smyrna district (Minor Asia). ( his father was born in Sivrisari and his mother in Thira).
He completed his studies, first, in the Department of Greek Language and Literature at the University of Athens and later in the Department of History at the same University. During the years 1990-1992, he attended a post- graduate course in the Department of History in Athens University, regarding Education during the years of Ioannis Kapodistrias’ government and in the first years of Othon’s kingship. He received the Superieur II Certificate from the French Institute of Athens (equivalent to Sorbonne II).
He served as a teacher of Greek Language and Literature for three (3) years and then for thirty-two (32) years in Ionidios Model High School of Piraeus and in the last few years he was an Assistant Headmaster and Headmaster at the same school.
He has written the two- volume “Herodotus Histories”, a study book for the students of the Second Class of Junior High School (“El. Rossi” publications, 2001-2003) and has published the book “Folk Collection from Sivrisari city of Minor Asia”.
He is married to the Greek language teacher Anna Antoniadou, who comes from Pontus, and has two daughters, Athanasia, an English Language teacher in Ionidios Model- Experimental Junior High School, with post- graduate studies on  Children with Special Needs, and Anastasia, who is a pharmacist.

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