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Aim and Activities

Tuesday, 06 May 2008


The purpose and aim of the Smyrnean’s Association is the promotion, the preservation and conservation of the cultural heritage of the Greek homelands in Asia Minor as well as the research, the study and the promotion of history and culture of the Greeks of Asia Minor and their descendants before and after 1922.

The goals mentioned above could be achieved by:

a) The publication of the journal “Asia Minor Chronicles”, the newspaper “Asia Minor Echo”, the release of independent editions of historical and folkloric material and the web page with matters relevant to the purposes of the Smyrnean’s Association.
b) The organization of conferences, congresses, seminars, exhibitions, excursions and other cultural events.
c) The tendering, awarding of prizes and scholarships.
d) The existing library of the Association with both literary and scientific issues offers the opportunity for scholars to access information for their research.
e) Another goal of the Association is to encourage public and private participation for the collaboration with individual researchers and / or scientific and literary institutions in Greece and abroad on subjects of a common interest.

For a successful accomplishment of the above goals and aims the Council of the Board of the Smyrnean’s Association may establish divisions or committees in which members and non-members of the Association could participate.

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