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Wednesday, 23 April 2008

Member Registration and Subscriptions Information

Following a resolution of the Executive Board, the prerequisite for any person who wishes to become a regular member of the Association is:

to have been born in Smyrni or other provinces of Asia Minor, or of course, to have family roots (parents or grant parents) born in Asia Minor.

The application of membership should be signed by two regular members of the Association, unless a copy of birth Certificate or other document showing relevant line of descent is also submitted.

Candidates who are not born in Asia Minor nor have relevant ancestry and are in full agreement with the aims of the Association may apply for correspondent membership to promote the cause with the regular members

The annual subscription for all members is 30 Euros and a one time registration fee for new members is 25 Euros additionally.

Payments may be issued directly as follows:

if in Athens at the Association' s office or

by postal money order via post and made payable to the Association of Smyrneans.

If sending payment by post, please use the following address:

Association of Smyrneans
Address 71A Skoufa
Athens, Greece, 106 80

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