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Friday, 26 September 2008




    This periodic scientific book of the Association of Smyrneans was first published in 1938 as part of the publications of the department of Asia Minor Studies of our Association and so far 21 big volumes have been issued. These include scientific studies namely, historical, linguistic, folklore and also critical comments of books, presentation of new books, unpublished material from the Archives, memoirs of old Asia Minor inhabitants etc.

    These original publications signed by prominent representatives of Sciences and Letters like the members of the Greek Academy: K Amantos, S. Sperantzas, S. Seferiadis, S. Marinakis, L.Filippidis, N. Beis, the University Professors: D. Loukatos, V.Tatakis, F. Boumboulidis, V. Sfyroeras, A. Zoumbos, P. Kitromolidis, the distinguished researchers D. Vagiakakos, K. Mamoni, T. Gritsopoulos, E Soulogiannis, and the well known Asia Minor scholars: F Falbos, A. Benakis, K. Demertzis, N. Milioris, N. Kararas, Chr. Solomonidis, I. Makris, A. Diamantopoulos, V. Adamantidis and others.

    The " Asia Minor Echo" first appeared in October 1958 as a communication bulletin between the Association of Smyrneans and its members, besides the "Asia Minor Chronicles ". This 16 page newspaper, currently summing up 45 years of continuous bimonthly publishing, promotes the cultural inheritance of the Asia Minor fatherland, safeguards all glories and tragic adventures of the Greek populations of Asia Minor, informs all organizations of refugees and their descendants on all latest news and defends their rights.

    The " Asia Minor Echo" generously supported for the filling of its regular material by numerous friends and members of the Association of Smyrneans, which actually covers all publishing expenses is mailed free to all members and friends of the Association. However all friendly financial contributions are gratefully accepted and become known by being published in the newspaper pages upon receipt.


    Nikos Kararas, Boutzas, 1962
    Nikos E. Milioris, Clandestine Christians 1962
    Nikos Kararas, Sevdikioi, 1964
    Nikos E. Milioris, Vourla of Asia Minor. Part II, Folklore, 1965.
    " Iakovos from Dyrachion, Bishop of Mitilini" , an honorary volume1965.
    An Index of Books on Asia Minor, Books exhibition, 1967.
    Alexandros Benakis, Thirty year data, 1968.
    Nikos Kararas, Nymfeon(Nyfio), 1968.
    Nikos E. Milioris. Asia Minor traditions and the younger generations, 1969.
    Stella Epifaniou Petraki, Tales of Smyrni, 1969
    Filippos K. Falbos, Frangomahalas of Smyrni, 1970
    Nikos Kararas, Kordelio, 1971.
    An honorary Volume dedicated to Christos Solomonidis, 1972.
    Filippos K. Falbos, Markos Antonios Katsaitis. Two Voyages to Smyrni, (1740 and 1742) 1972
    Kalliopi Koliopoulou Griva, Ourania Douka, Head Mistress of the Central Girls School of Smyrni, (1895-1922), 1974.
    Filippos K. Falbos, Markos Antonios Katsaitis, Voyages of 1742, 1974.
    Nikolaos. Chr. Aronis, A collective work of the Refugees Associations. Museum and Monument of the Greek Populations ofAnatolia, 1975.
    Odysseas Lampsidis, Memory of the Greek Refugees of 1922, 1976.
    Georgios Koukidis, Neapolis of Kappadokia. Nev Sehir, 1976.
    Dimitrios Pantelias, Blood and Fire. The last days of Smyrni, 1976.
    Eleftherios Th. Kasianis Thiatira, (Axari). 1981.
    George Horton, The curse of Asia. Transl. by G. Tselika. A joint publication with the Estia Neas Smyrnis and the Trhace Center. Nikolaos Chr. Aronis, Recollections of the adolescence of my friend Giorgos Seferis, 1984.
    Nikolaos G. Fotinos, Recollections and stories from Smyrni, 1986.
    Minutes of a two day Congress on Asia Minor Hellenism, 1986.
    Angelos Tsouloufis, The exchange of Greek and Turkish populations and the financial estimation of abandoned properties on either side. 1989.
    Filippos K. Falbos, Essays on Smyrni. Nikolaos Chr. Viketos, The Holiness of Chrysostomos of Smyrni , Church testimony, 1992.
    Georgios D. Argyropoulos, Smyrni-Patisia. Parallel Recollections, 2003.
    Maria N. Vaianni, Asia Minor Hellenism and Filekpedeftiki Society. Reciprocal binds of education, 1836-1900. To be issued this year.

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