The Association of Smyrneans

Tuesday, 22 April 2008

The Organization of the

Association of Smyrneans

The Association of Smyrneans was founded in February 1936 by a number of reputable Smyrneans and was recognized by the Athens Court of first instance with the No. 3664/25.4.1936 resolution, as a Utility Union.

The object of the Association is the safeguarding and preservation of all memories and traditions of Greek populations of Asia Minor before 1922.

The Association of Smyrneans publishes an Asia Minor newspaper, conducts symposiums, conferences, and book presentations relating to Smyrna and Asia Minor, awarding prizes to distinguished people originating from Asia Minor that honor the roots of the people, and cooperate with scientific institutions and cultural foundations and similar organizations.

Biographies Vgena Bartholomew
Saturday, 16 April 2016 | Enosi Smyrneon
Vgena Bartholomew Vgena Bartholomew Vgena has been born in Athens. Her father’s mother was from Smyrna. She has studied Archaeology and History at the University of Athens and at the Goldsmiths’ College in London.She...
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